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High Blood Pressure Educational Mailing Coming to Select Members in Early May

May 2, 2024

This month, Premera is sending an informational mailer to members encouraging them to learn more about blood pressure and to visit their doctor if they haven’t checked their blood pressure in the last year.

We’re sending the mailer to all members with high blood pressure ages 18-34 and members ages 35-49 residing in a census area with a high social vulnerability index, as well as members of all ages with high blood pressure in Alaska. Our goal is to raise awareness about the risks of high blood pressure.

The mailer includes a QR code and URL that directs members to the Care Essentials hypertension page, as well as information about the risks of high blood pressure and steps they can take to manage it. If members haven’t had their blood pressure checked in the last year or do not know their blood pressure rate, we encourage them to make an appointment to see their doctor.